taj white wire o notebooks

Taj White Wire-O Notebooks

Taj White Wire-o Notebooks: What you purchase is a shrink packed Wire-o Notebook; but, truly it is a marvel that defines your image and panache, the ultimate product in this category you can wish for!

Be it scholastic needs or office use, you can be sure about TW Wire-o Notebooks’ flexibility and durability. All of us have a huge appetite for making notes, storing information and keeping records for follow-up; that is where TW Wire-o Notebookscome handy.

These come with PP (Polypropylene) dividers/tabs to separate different sections/places after pre-set number of leaves thus using it as multiple subject notebooks in one TW Wire-o Notebook.

The unique feature of these TW Wire-o Notebooks is that you can pull-n-fix the PP dividers/tabs at your convenience to change the number of pages you wish to have for each subject.

As these notebooks are used frequently, while using you can swirl them and wrap-around without glitch and bring them back to original shape after use.

In case, you require , you can pull-out the pages easily without distorting the notebook binding or spoiling looks.

The premium quality TW Wire-o Notebooks have half leaf covers that set the tone in creative you. These are conceptual and thought-provoking and each time you pick it, your creative cognizance is ignited. This introductory season , TW Wire-O Notebooks are tagged with ' Now Is The Time , concept, where significance of TIME is enlightened with abstracts from great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Benjamin Franklin , Neil Armstrong and Florence Nightingale.

Surely , Taj White Wire-o Notebooks are going to be ecstatic experience to you!

Available in contemporary colours and designs.

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