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Stationery Products Industry & Taj White

If one has to hazard a guess about scholastic/office paper stationery market in India, it would be quite challenging as a large portion of manufacturing is in grip of unorganized sector.

It is strange that a segment that has a few thousand crore market and is growing at about 15-20% annually is still a fragmented market and regional brands rule local markets.

However, in recent years, sincere efforts have been scaled up and some corporates have sensed opportunity here. And now, with new government’s efforts to create conducive environment for manufacturing, we can expect that a brighter future awaits us.

A premium stationery brand, Taj White, a new kid on the block, is all set to conquer the hearts of consumers in India.

Paper stationery is not only one category we are in, we have a premium range of writing instruments, scholastic products and even office stationery to offer.

After months of research to understanding consumer insight, Upkar Stationery Pvt. Ltd. has come up with classy, innovative ideas and themes that are sure to touch your hearts. Eye-catching covers and designs are bound to attract your attention and sheer on quality, these are sure to win your trust.

For manufacturing excellence, an integrated production set-up is in place with mostly German machines to ensure quality and durability.

In the beginning, we have about 100-odd merchandises and varieties of stationery products and a professionally driven team is there to monitor key market trends and handle distribution.

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